Why is ceramic the best material for your project?

Why is ceramic the best material for your project?

In addition to making your rooms beautiful, ceramic is also an inexpensive material which can be installed everywhere!

Even though some people would opt for another material in certain circumstances, you will understand why this one is the good one, for any condition!


Ceramic in the kitchen.

We often see kitchen covered with marble or other natural stones, whereas these materials are quite expensive and hard to install.

Indeed, to install a granite countertop for example, you should better ask for a professional, because it is really difficult to handle a granite slab by oneself without breaking it!

So, why not save your back and your money at the same time? Choose ceramic! Your countertop will be original, since you will have a multitude of choices in design. Also, you will be able to install it by yourself as easily as a ceramic floor. Moreover, it will support hot plates contrary to a laminate countertop!

And even better, ceramic is impact and scratch resistant, while if you are unfortunate enough to scratch a laminate countertop, it will be marked for life because we can’t repair that.




The kitchen, as you know, is one of the rooms in which we spend more time, and often at the exact same place, in front of the countertop to cook for example. So, wood on the floor is inappropriate as it tends to sag. Moreover, it doesn’t hold out against humidity contrary to ceramic.

Lastly, you can create a nice backsplash with small format tiles or mosaics. Very trendy!


Ceramic in the living room.

Yes, wood is very popular for the warmth it brings, etc… But it still is a high-end product and can be more expensive than ceramic.

You can’t afford to buy wood? Well, good news, you can replace it with ceramic tiles which perfectly imitate it!




Thus, your living room’s atmosphere will be as warm as it would be with real wood, but without its disadvantages! Your ceramic floor won’t be scratched by chairs or kids, not even by your pets!

Moreover, your floor or your walls will be much easier to clean! A vacuum, a sponge or a mop will make your rooms shine again.

For those who don’t have such a keen interest in wood, you will undoubtedly find your dream tiles anyway. Different colors, shapes, formats, patterns, there is such a variety of designs that you won’t even know where to look! And it will be more beautiful than vinyl for sure…


Ceramic in the bathroom.

Ceramic has always been popular for bathrooms.

Indeed, ceramic tiles are ideal for bathrooms. Esthetically pleasing and with an impermeable surface, you can also install them in a way to make the room look bigger. To do this, choose large formats or even position them vertically.




Moreover, porcelain tiles are very robust. They are humidity resistant and they don’t need any treatment, contrary to natural stones. Perfect for a bathroom!

Lastly, if you don’t like a cold floor, you can still easily install a heated floor before you install your tiles. Your bathroom will be as comfortable as it is beautiful! Plus, the water on the floor will evaporate faster.


Ceramic in the bedroom.

A ceramic floor in a bedroom is less common, but that doesn’t mean it is a bad idea!

If you want to modernize your personal space, then ceramic is the best choice to make! For a great urban loft look, choose cement imitation tiles. For more oomph, add small area rugs on the floor and your bedroom will be very trendy!

If you don’t like when the floor is cold, think about using heated floors! Or, install your ceramic tiles on the wall, you will see them even better!




Don’t forget wood imitations, undoubtedly the most adequate style. Very nice for a headboard. You can forget vinyl!


Ceramic in the garden.

After having talked about every room inside, let’s talk about the outside! So yes, ceramic is also a good material for your garden. Terraces, low walls, facades, thanks to its robustness, you can install ceramic where you want to! Nevertheless, it is important to make a good installation to prevent joints from cracking because of temperature changes.

Choose large format tiles which imitate slate or other natural stones, and your terrace will have a great success!

Moreover, porcelain is cold resistant and some of them can even be frost resistant! So no worries, your porcelain tiles will spend a nice winter and you will find them as beautiful as they were on the next summer.

You can also literally put some tiles directly on the ground, without sealing them, provided that they have a certain thickness for more stability. The series Quartzite is ideal for this!


tuile quartzite


You got it, if you were hesitating about the material to choose for your project, now you know which one to take! Ceramic is the right one.

You can easily install it everywhere! It is a robust material, its price is often advantageous, and it is also very trendy!

Don’t hesitate to send us the pictures of your project’s result to infoweb@latuilerie.qc.ca.