10 reasons why a ceramic tile countertop will make you love your kitchen more than ever

10 reasons why a ceramic tile countertop will make you love your kitchen more than ever

1. An abundant choice.


When you hear ceramic tile countertop, you see a lot of possibilities! Indeed, by choosing this type of counter, you will have the choice between hundreds ceramic tiles to decorate it. They come in many different colors, different shapes, to suit all tastes! So, you will no doubt find your perfect ceramic tiles.


2. A customizable design.


Since you can choose your ceramic tiles, the design of your counter only depends on you! Square, rectangular, circle, hexagonal, big, small, single colored or patterned, it’s up to you to choose your ideal tiles. Moreover, depending on your installation, the result can be different. You even can make a pastiche, combinations… well; everything is possible with ceramic tile countertops!


scrapwood-comptoir en céramique


3. Convenient and aesthetic edges.


Thanks to Schluter edges, your countertop’s finishes can be very convenient but also aesthetically appealing. Profiles are made in a way to seat the tiles, which avoids using additional finishing pieces. They come in many different finishes, so you can match them with your tiles.


4. Use innovative products.


Many substrates encountered are unsuitable for tile installation, especially in areas with high humidity, as in the case with kitchen counters.

Therefore, you can use innovative products like Schluter KERDI-BOARD, which is a multifunctional tile substrate and building panel. It will allow you to build easily your ceramic tile countertop because it can be adhered directly to base cabinets, and because it is waterproof, dimensionally stable and even, and you won’t need labor-intensive preparation to put your tiles on.


schluter-kerdi-board-comptoir en céramique


5. Simple and effective maintenance.


Soapy water is generally enough to clean your ceramic tile countertop on a daily basis. For stubborn marks, use appropriate products in accordance with the dirt to clean and the nature of your ceramic tiles. You will find each specific products you will need at La Tuilerie. Normally, ceramic cannot be stained because it’s not a porous material, so no dirt can penetrate inside.


6. A strong robustness.


Thanks to Schluter KERDI-BOARD, your ceramic tile countertop will be super-strong. Impact-resistant, rigid, waterproof, thermally insulating and dimensionally stable. Moreover, ceramic is known for being scratch-resistant! Therefore, you don’t risk anything if your plates and pots scrape across your countertop! Contrary to melamine or arborite counters which can be scratched.


comptoir en céramique la tuilerie


7. High temperatures are no longer a problem.


You no longer need heatproof mat; your ceramic tile countertop will be very able to support a pots or pans from the stove. Indeed, ceramic and Schluter KERDI-BOARDS are temperature-resistant.


8. A fast and easy installation.


Contrary to granite, quartz and marble counters, which require big blocks and a workforce to install them, ceramic is much easier to handle thanks to its size and weight. Schluter KERDI-BOARDS are light and easy to transport, when using as a countertop substrate. All things considered, you no longer need to hire someone to install your ceramic tile countertop.

You can do it by yourself because the installation doesn’t require any other tools than those you can use for ceramic floors. Lastly, your tiles will be easy to install because of an even, levelled, straight and square substrate.


comptoirs-en céramique


9. A grout with multiple qualities.


It is highly recommended to use an epoxy grout for a kitchen ceramic tile countertop because of its antibacterial composition, which is ideal because of sanitary reasons. It fights against mould and fungus and resist corrosive attack of food. Moreover, it makes maintenance easier and has superior waterproofing properties. Proma epoxy grout will allow you to make small tile joints (1/32 or 1/16). That is what we recommend for counters because of aesthetic reasons. For this, you have to choose rectified tiles. By the way, to have less joints as possible, you can choose big ceramic tiles like 24 x 48 ones.


10. Affordable prices.


Lastly, ceramic tile countertops are at very affordable prices and above all, have attractive price/quality ratios compared with granite, quartz and marble countertops. Ceramics are, indeed, a much cheaper material than natural stones, which also have to be cut to measure.


So, why wait to get your dream kitchen?