3 Tips to Design your Dream Bathroom

3 Tips to Design your Dream Bathroom

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You can’t settle on a style for your new bathroom? To help you imagine the perfect design, we asked Noémie Marchand, professional interior designer specialized in custom living space, to share with us her best advice so you can design your dream bathroom while knowing all the essentials to make your remodeling project a success. 


1- Stick to Your House Style 

Creating a smooth design will add value to your home, whether you compare the outside to the inside or one room to the other. Experienced interior designer, Noémie Marchand, explains: “Ignoring the style of the house will not give it extra value because it actually breaks the overall consistency.” And selecting the right tiling is a great way to stay aligned with the house’s spirit and age. Here are the main home décor trends.  


To keep a classic vibe in your design, opt for white tiles with a handmade or smooth finish – a matte finish brings a more modern vibe. Subway tiles or tiles with a natural stone look also have a timeless feel, just like light-tone marble – including marble effect tiles. Noémie Marchand says: “I always thought that what nature has been offering to us for thousands of years can only be considered classic and timeless.” Tiles imitating wood grain would also be a great choice.  

Here are our tile suggestions for a classic look: 


Oversized 24×24 concrete-imitation tiles are the best option for an industrial look. Noémie Marchand suggests going for a fairly dark hue, or even terrazzo tiles with a touch of colour like red or pink.  

Here are our tile suggestions for an industrial look: 


A bathroom is a place where you come and go, so you can go out on a limb with a bolder décor. “Think of restaurant restrooms. They often venture on a more extravagant path and it’s really nice. In my opinion, this is THE room where you can really have fun. I love designing bathrooms!” says Noémie Marchand. Powder rooms and children’s bathrooms open to even more possibilities, for example with patterned tiles to add personality to the room – wallpaper tiles create beautiful accent walls and add just the perfect fizz.  

Here are some of our most beautiful wallpaper tiles: 

Another tip for an original look: play with colours! Some tile collections, like the Artisan, Riviera, Paint or Alchemist, have many colourful options that can be perfect to reflect specific styles. Plus, “it’s really nice to see in your day-to-day”, like Noémie Marchand says. Playing with the tile layout pattern is also a great way to create various visual effects in a room.  

Here are our favourite coloured tiles:  

Authentic mosaic  

Noémie M Design explains how mosaics can also reflect various styles. Take Montreal buildings as an example. Some are designed with black or white hexagonal mosaic, with gives a little retro vibe in line with the building style and that will resist the test of time. “There are some mosaic staples that remain a safe bet and never go wrong”, confirms Noémie. Plus, mosaic also gives you the possibility to create custom patterns, shapes or even words. 


A modern look is characterized by neutral hues, like white and black. Sobriety, clean lines, and refined details are essential. Plus, we prefer oversized tiles – fewer joints for easier maintenance. Just make sure to work with a qualified tile layer since the installation can be more challenging. Don’t forget to tell him about the size of the tiles. 

Here are our XXL tile suggestions: 

2- Identify your Needs and Organize the Space 

Will you remove walls? Keep the same layout? Have all the plumbing redone? Designing a bathroom requires taking the space you have into serious consideration. Here are a few points you need to rule out before starting your remodeling project.  


Start by identifying your needs for: 

  • Storage; 
  • Washstand (simple or double); 
  • Shower system (Italian shower, bathtub, tub shower, wet room, etc.); 
  • Room ergonomics; 
  • Cleaning. The size and finish of the tiles as well as the grout have an impact on maintenance. Tips: avoid white grout on the floor and use the right products – epoxy grout and proper cleaning products, for example. For more tips and tricks, read our blog article 

Use a plan to visualize your choices and make sure your tastes and desires can truly be transposed to your space. 


Then comes the aesthetics! For a beautiful and pleasant bathroom, you need to establish your desired style by gathering inspirations and choosing a colour scheme (warm or cold, colourful or neutral, etc.). Noémie Marchand recommends a maximum of three colours “for a perfect combination. If you go for more, you want it to be the same shades.” Don’t hesitate to contact an interior designer for this step. 


Noémie M Design shares two more tips:   

  1. Build on durability. Did you know that a great bathroom design last about 10 years? To make sure you don’t have to start over after 5 years, make timeless decisions. The style should not be too specific to a trend or an era. Plus, you must select materials and products that are sturdy and high-end. Make sure to work with the right professionals – either that were referred to you or that know all proper requirements (calculate product waste, avoid wall tiles on the floor, etc.). If you work with a designer, he or she will be able to guide you, so your room resists the test of time.
  2. Be careful with lighting. Lighting is as practical as aesthetic. Noémie Marchand suggests thinking carefully about your lighting depending on where your windows are located and your specific needs. If the window is in the shower, make sure to choose the right materials to avoid any water penetration and make cleaning easier. Lighting “is like nice jewelry!” says Noémie Marchand. It gives the final touch to your décor. 
design-bathroom Our-best-tips
Bathroom designed by Noémie Marchand

3- Enhance your Bathroom Design

Let’s reveal Noémie Marchand’s final recommendation: bring your A game to enhance your bathroom design. If you can afford it, here are 5 suggestions that will make a huge difference. 

❌ Shower Base VS Italian Shower ✅ Go for an Italian shower. More elegant than a shower base, an Italian shower enhances both your design and overall comfort. Nowadays, you can find tileable linear drains for a sleek-looking shower, as well as easy-to-use Schluter shower system products  

❌ Without a Niche VS With a Niche ✅ Think of adding one niche or more in your shower or on the wall adjacent to your bathtub. It creates a gorgeous visual effect by keeping your care products organized. There are 2 types of niches available: ready-to-use or ready-to-tile. Designer Noémie Marchand has a personal favourite for ready-to-tile niches as they blend more beautifully in the décor. 

❌ Drop-In Bathtub VS Freestanding Bathtub ✅ Opt for a freestanding bathtub if you have room for it (make sure to add clear space all around for easier maintenance). Or, if you go with a drop-in bathtub, cover it with XXL tiles. 

❌ No Heating Floor VS Heating Floor ✅ Cost-effective, safe and hidden, heated flooring has many advantages. Discover the top 3 reasons to choose a heated floor system. 

❌ With or Without Ceramic Backsplash, shower walls, behind a tub… adding ceramic is the best option according to Noémie. It’s practical and easy to clean, AND ceramic tiles add texture and personality to your design. That is worth thinking about. It can even increase your lighting, depending on the tiles colour and finish. 

Enhance your design bathroom
Design created by Noémie Marchand

Extra Tip: Always Set a Budget  

The very last tip Noémie Marchand, interior designer based in Sainte-Thérèse, gave us is essential: set your budget beforehand. This financial bracket will help you choose your products within the right price range. If you shop at La Tuilerie, you will find ceramic collections for all budgets with optimal quality-price ratio. Our secret? Unlike our competitors, our products come directly from the supplier: no third-party means better pricing! Our ceramic tile collections start at $3.30/sq.ft. And don’t forget to add an extra 15% in your budget for unexpected situations. 


Have fun designing your bathroom! It is a room where you can be bold. And follow Noémie M Design’s tips to make your remodeling project a real success (big thank you to her for her collaboration in this article). For more tips and tricks from Noémie, watch our Pro capsules on our Instagram account or contact her via her website. 

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