6 design blogs you need to follow!

6 design blogs you need to follow!

Before starting a renovation or construction project, we all need some inspiration. That’s why we’re sharing a selection of six blogs brimming with ideas and decorating tips that we’re sure you’ll love.

1. Damask & dentelle

Vanessa Sicotte is the design enthusiast and colour addict behind the blog Damask & dentelle. In what has been the true design and décor bible since 2009, Vanessa unpacks decorating trends. She tells us designers’ stories, shares her DIY projects and her house’s new décor.

Thanks to Vanessa, you can get:

She even has her own podcast called Déco Thérapie (in French). Follow her on social media here: Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.


2. The FarmHouse Dream

Do you want to know everything about farmhouse style? It’s Joëlle Frechette’s style of choice. Based in Montréal, her blog The FarmHouse Dream is a great source of inspiration. Her photos with soft colours and warm tones are real eye candy.

Whether posts are explanations of her decorating projects or her favourite places to shop, Joëlle shares her ingenious, clever ideas.

She also has a drop-dead gorgeous Instagram account.


3. Déconome


Déconome is “the blog about good, affordable home decorating ideas.” That’s the motto of Stéphanie Guéritaud, its author. A journalist and stylist for Éditions Pratico-pratiques, Stéphanie created her blog in 2010. She is passionate about decoration, especially when it’s creative and accessible.

Read by nearly 1.25 million people yearly, her blog Déconome speaks to DIY enthusiasts and anyone who wants to decorate and renovate without breaking the bank.

Ideas and good sources for all budgets so everyone can save on decorating and even renovating while making their homes more beautiful—that’s what Stéphanie’s blog is all about.

Her other social media are just as inspiring since she regularly publishes creative content.


4. Daphlive

This blog is a treasure trove of practical advice and concrete tips for your renovations. Daphne, the author, does her own renovations and shares her experiences with us. She speaks frankly and addresses, in particular, renovation costs and common mistakes to avoid.

We recommend the sections “Trucs & conseils” (“Tips and Advice”) and “Réalisations” (“Projects”) under the “Maison” (“Home”) heading. For decorating, check out the “Saisonnier” (“Seasonal”) and “Inspirations” (“Inspirations”) sections.

You can follow Daphne on her social networks (Instagram and Facebook): She has a zany energy that’s contagious!

You now have enough inspiration to get started decorating your interior!


5. L’an vert du décor

Chloé Comte is, as she says, a big fan of design and home decor! Inquisitive and jack of all trades, Chloé is an interior designer, stylist, creator and editor in chief of her blog L’an vert du décor. She is also a DIY columnist for many magazines and big brands.

Her blog and social medias are perfect for home decor and DIY fans in search of inspiration. Her motto: ‘’Do what you love, especially what you love!’’.


6. Aube Créations


Hélène Dufour is the home decor specialist of the blog Aube Créations founded by Tania Trudel.

Design tricks easy to reproduce at home, creative ideas, home decor inspirations, a brushstroke and the right technique; all these and more, you will discover in this blog. You want to restore old furniture? Find all the tips you need here!


You now have all you need to get inspired and to get into your home decor!