6 design blogs you need to follow!

6 design blogs you need to follow!

Our Releve Deco contest ended few weeks ago, and the happy winners have been selected, thanks to a jury composed of 6 design bloggers, specially selected for the occasion. Stéphanie, Karine, Lise-Anne, Caroline, Chloé et Hélène have also chosen their favorite tiles during the evening at La Tuilerie Cavendish!

Their blogs are full of design tips and ideas which are sure inspirations!


1. Déconome


Déconome is ‘’The good inexpensive ideas blog’’; this is the author Stéphanie Guéritaud’s motto. Journalist and stylist for the publisher Pratico-pratiques, Stéphanie created her blog in 2010. She is passionate about interior design, especially when it’s creative and affordable.

Read by close to 1.25 million of people per year, her blog Déconome is for DIY enthusiasts and everyone who wants to decorate and renovate their home without breaking the bank.
Ideas and stylish destinations for every budget, allowing you to save money on home decor and even renovations while embellishing your home interiors, that is what Stéphanie offers in her blog.

Her social medias are all as inspiring since Stéphanie regularly posts creative content!

Our series Bibulca Décor Latin has peaked her interest! This is Stéphanie’s “coup de cœur” at La Tuilerie!




2. Matte & Glossy


Karine Matte has always been passionate about the design and home decor world, but it’s only since 2014 that she decides to share her universe and to commit to it entirely by creating her blog Matte & Glossy.

She talks about her favourites, her discoveries, and gives us a lot of home decor tips, ‘’all there with a matte or glossy finish!’’.
Her open-mindedness and her flexibility allow her clients to feel well supported and to get the design they were expecting.

Her ”coup de cœur” at La Tuilerie? The hexagonal series Creative Concrete!


3. Miss Déco


Lise-Anne Talbot, alias Miss Déco, is among those who retrain to get a job that fits them best.

Now an interior designer, Lise-Anne is passionate about matching colors and materials to give an overall tone to a room.

Her blog is a share of home decor ideas, discoveries, styles and tips to make your interior beautiful. The perfect tool to learn the latest trends on the market!

Lise-Anne’s favourite at La Tuilerie is our hexagonal series Luxury Stone!




4. Abricot


The Webzine Abricot was founded by Caroline Simon, columnist for the home decor section of KIDS Magazine and an interior designer. Mother of two children, Caroline is involved full time in the world of kids.

However, her blog is the eclectic discovery of various styles. Everything interests and inspires Caroline. Fashion trends, an architectural snapshot, a peculiar object… Well, Abricot offers us both a total escape as well as inspirations, to be sure!

Her ”coup de cœur” is the series La Chic Volcan!




5. L’an vert du décor


Chloé Comte is, as she says, a big fan of design and home decor! Inquisitive and jack of all trades, Chloé is an interior designer, stylist, creator and editor in chief of her blog L’an vert du décor. She is also a DIY columnist for many magazines and big brands.

Her blog and social medias are perfect for home decor and DIY fans in search of inspiration. Her motto: ‘’Do what you love, especially what you love!’’.

Chloé has, for her part, loves our hexagonal mosaics Marbre Carrara!




6. Aube Créations


Hélène Dufour is the home decor specialist of the blog Aube Créations founded by Tania Trudel.

Design tricks easy to reproduce at home, creative ideas, home decor inspirations, a brushstroke and the right technique; all these and more, you will discover in this blog. You want to restore old furniture? Find all the tips you need here!

Hélène loves our hexagonal mosaics Marquinia Snow White, this is her favourite at La Tuilerie!




You now have all you need to get inspired and to get into your home decor!

Don’t hesitate to contact them to ask advice, and if you liked their “coups de coeur”, come find them at all of our branches!