5 tips to save money while renovating

5 tips to save money while renovating

Renovations are an adventure and a budget. Good news! It is still possible to reduce your expenses and save money, especially if you have the time.

In fact, as we already explained in our 5 renovations tips article, it is always preferable to budget more to avoid unpleasant surprises. If you are careful and spend your money wisely, then you will be able to find the way that suits you best to save.

1. Do it yourself

Obviously, the best way to save money while renovating is to do your renovations yourself. Hiring a professional can rapidly become expensive, and the research can sometimes be complicated. These are two good reasons to do your renovations yourself!

However, you have to know how to do it. Do not undertake a project that is too big and difficult; you risk wasting time and money.
Ask your friends for help; make the inventory of what you already have at home and that you won’t need to purchase again, recycle, and be careful! Breaking materials or messing up your renovations could cost a lot of money.

If everything goes well, not only you will save money, but also feel proud of yourself.



Warning: a few jobs do require professionals! If you have electricity renovations to do for example, it is strongly recommended to hire a professional. Sometimes, it is better to pay someone than to take too many risks.


2. Make the detailed plan of your renovations

Having a well thought-out plan of your project will allow you to know every step of your renovations in advance. It will allow you to make the required materials list too, and you will be able to establish your budget. When you have a plan, you avoid additional steps, which cost money. Furthermore, you won’t forget anything and you will avoid mistakes. That can save even more money!

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3. A makeover doesn’t always need to be a massive project

So, the room you want to renovate only needs a little update? Then don’t undertake unnecessary work! Think about the result you want to achieve, and the simplest solutions to reach it.

If you think that your kitchen is missing a bit of style, just redo the backsplash. It can be enough to give the creative touch that you are looking for.


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Your joints have blackened over time? No need to redo your whole floor! Proma products can help you to restore your grout and to make your floor beautiful again.

A little bit of your time and motivation will be enough to hand your room to the current tastes without breaking the bank!


4. Saving money is right, but not on the quality!

Be careful when choosing products; some could be low-grade. They will be cheaper, but will cost you more money in the long run if your renovations deteriorate over time because of them. You will have to redo your renovations and repay products again.

Also, don’t hesitate to ask a sale advisor when you go shopping if you have any doubts. It will prevent you from choosing the wrong product and having to come back to buy the right one later. It’s not always easy to know which products to choose, depending on your project.


5. Make sure to use the best products for the job

Not buying the low-end product does not necessarily mean buying the most expensive one. Some cheaper products can fully fit the bill, depending on the nature of your project. It’s easier on your pocketbook, too!

If your renovations are minimal, then you don’t need to buy brand products which will cost a fortune. Talk to a salesperson, explain your project in detail and he or she will be able to help you find the best product for you while sticking to your budget.



Renovations are not a thing that we do to spend our leisure time. You have to be prepared, including financially. As I said previously, it’s better to plan a bigger budget and not get stuck with renovations for weeks, or even months. Our advice will help you to not run unnecessary costs but be still aware that your renovations will require a certain amount of money.

Don’t hesitate to come into the store and talk about your project to our sales advisors if you plan to redo your floor or wall coverings. Our experts will be happy to help you with your renovations! Any questions? You can also use our form to contact us. Good luck with your project![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]