La Tuilerie The small story of a great passion!

La Tuilerie The small story of a great passion!

To say that we are passionate about what we are doing would be a simple but quite appropriate introduction to who we are! When we started in 1995 with the opening of our first store, our idea was that tiles go back thousands of years in History and that they were a natural product with… a great future! And the fundamental properties of tiles attracted us like not many other home products: their nobility, durability, beauty and ruggedness. Taking into account that quality of life in our homes has become a determining factor for modern families, what more could you ask for?

So we made tiles our specialty and our main focus for growth. At La Tuilerie, we are exclusively about tiles in all shapes and sizes and all colors and textures. At La Tuilerie, you’ll find only tiles and everything that can be used for their successful installation and maintenance, ideas and advice also included!


Today, there are three La Tuilerie stores and you’ll find them in convenient and strategic locations: Montreal (Outremont), Montréal (Cavendish) and Saint-Jérôme. La Tuilerie is a family business employing close to 50 persons in its three stores. Our staff is young and dynamic and our business philosophy is based on customer service and on offering quality products at affordable prices. From our first days of operation, we have strived to offer our clients the best products at the most competitive prices. Our knowledge of the market, our expertise, close relationships with our suppliers and our tours of the top international trade shows each year all tools that enable us to bring superb products and deals to our stores while keeping at the forefront of today’s trends.


You’ll find in our Blog practical information on all our products as well as on recent technologies and the latest trends. And don’t forget that trends are never out of reach at La Tuilerie because we work diligently at making them… affordable!


If the basic methods and installation principles of tiles haven’t changed, the technology of the products is in constant evolution. The La Tuilerie blog is also here to help and support you when you want to know how to address a project, whether it is small or more… complex.

You’ll see the contents of this blog grow over time with articles of interest on the subject of tiles. These will be archived and available for consultation in what will constitute a substantial library. We hope it will become your “one stop” on line reference for tiles.

Beyond the virtual world, there is the very real one of our three stores where you are always welcome. In the last year, we have reworked their floor layouts in order to facilitate circulation and give an easier and quicker access to our abundant stock.

Again, welcome to this blog and our website and our stores. And don’t forget to give us your comments and questions.

The team of La Tuilerie