10 DIY with Leftover Ceramic Tiles

10 DIY with Leftover Ceramic Tiles

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Date of publication: March 2023 

When you’re finally done with your renovations and construction sites, you can often find yourself with some leftover tiles. If you’re reading this, you are probably asking yourself what to do with it. Well, first, did you know that you have 30 days to bring your tiles back in one of La Tuilerie stores, under certain conditions? Although, make sure to keep a few tiles on hand in case your floor ever cracks or breaks.  

Even so, you still have leftover ceramic tiles? Don’t worry! We gathered 10 incredible DIY projects for you to get a little crafty. Let’s get started! 

1- Cover Your Desk with Oversized Tiles 


🛠 For Beginners 

For this project, the desk was just the perfect size to fit two 24”x24” Venexia tiles. See the before & after. It’s amazing! No mortar or cement required! Simply drop (carefully!) the tiles on the desk. The weight of the tile itself will make it stay put.  


2- Create A Personalized Table Top 


🛠 For Builders & Experts 

Another piece of furniture. After the desk, here is the table! Super simple to make, all you need is a wooden table that you would like to cover. A wood pallet can be a great idea for a coffee table. Also, some ceramics are suited to outdoor use, so make sure to check what type of ceramic you have. If it’s the case, you could use your DIY as a garden table or to decorate your porch. You could also add trims using wood sticks cut to the right size and painted the colour you want. After that, simply add the mortar, the tiles, and eventually, the grout if you want visible joints. Here you go! A custom table that is 100% in line with your tastes and décor. 

3- Make Ceramic Tile Coasters  


🛠 For Beginners 

So easy to make! 

Gather all necessary tools and material: 

  • Heat, water and scratch-resistant multi-surface paint 
  • A paint brush 
  • Masking tape 
  • Felt pads 
  • Metallic paint pen (for the tile edges) 


Follow these 6 easy steps to complete this ceramic DIY: 

  1. Use the masking tape to mark the area to paint. Make sure that the tape sticks perfectly to the surface, so the paint doesn’t go underneath. Now, have fun painting your tile or creating original patterns.  
  2. Lay one or several coats of paint, depending on the desired effect. The darker the tile is, the more coats of paint you will need for an even result. 
  3. Carefully remove the tape once the paint is dry.  
  4. Dip a cotton swab in nail polish remover if you need to make some touch-ups. 
  5. Colour the tile edges with your metallic paint pen.  
  6. Add the felt pads underneath your tile. That’s it! You’re done 🙂  

4- Make a Ceramic Planter 


🛠 For Beginners 

So easy and trendy! Let’s see how to create your own planters from your leftover ceramic tiles in 5 minutes tops.  

Gather all necessary tools and material: 

  • 4 or 5 ceramic tiles – we recommend using rectified tiles for this. 
  • Superglue 
  • 1 empty 2-liter plastic bottle 
  • 1 pair of scissors


Follow these 5 easy steps to make this ceramic planter: 

  1. Gather your 4 or 5 tiles. Put one tile right side down on your work surface (previously lined with a protective cloth). Add a line of superglue along one of the edges. 
  2. Working quickly, place another tile at a 90-degree angle on the glue line, and hold it in place until the glue has dried.  
  3. Repeat the previous step with the two remaining tiles. If the glue takes some time to dry, you could hold the planter in place using rubber elastics until everything is dry and you get a cube shape. If you have a fifth tile, you can now add it using the same method. 
  4. Cut the bottom part of your plastic bottle so it fits perfectly in your planter. 
  5. Add your soil and plants in the plastic bottle and that’s it! Your personalized tile planter! 

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5- Transform Mosaics into Magnets   


🛠 For Beginners 

You have a mosaic sheet left? Easy breezy! For a super trendy result, use marble look tiles or hexagonal shapes.  

  1. Cut a few pieces of tiles in your mosaic sheet.  
  2. Remove the remaining mesh at the back of the tiles. 
  3. Stick a magnet at the back of every tile.  
  4. Let it dry and put on your fridge. Yay! 

6- Build a Ceramic Side Table  


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🛠 For Builders & Experts 

Here’s a great idea: a rectangular or square accent table made of ceramic! And if you choose a coloured grout, the result can be twice as unique. For this DIY, you’ll need mosaic sheets like the Kaolin or the Kaolin Hex 

  1. Find what structure you want to cover, whether a wooden cube or a table you don’t use anymore.  
  2. Clean and dry the surface.  
  3. Cut the right quantity of tiles needed to cover the surface. Make sure you have enough.  
  4. Add mortar on one of the sides, then put the mosaic pieces. Repeat this step on each side of the table.  
  5. Add the grout. Once it’s done, wipe the excess with a damp sponge.   
  6. Allow the grout to dry completely. If desired, you can also add a joint sealant. Done!  


For the overachievers, take this DIY to the next level with unique shape tables.

7- Make a Tray 

🛠 For Beginners 

If you have slate tiles, this is very simple. Drill two holes on each side of your tiles and add drawer pulls. You could also use two pieces of fabric as your handles.  

And for those expert builders, or the ones who long to learn, here is a step-by-step tutorial to build your own mosaic tray.  

  1. Find a wooden board or plywood sheet.  
  2. Add a wooden stick along the two short edges to create the handles.  
  3. Clean and let dry.  
  4. Cut your mosaic sheets to the right size, spread the adhesive, and lay your tile sheets. 
  5. Once dry, cover it with grout. If you feel a little bold, opt for a contrasting colour! Once the grout is dry, you’re done.

8- Build a Counter or a Bar 


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🛠 For Builders & Experts 

One of our favourite DIYs! Look how nice this counter is. If your ceramic tiles are suited for the outdoors, you could even use this as a garden bar. Simply follow the same steps as the previous projects, but with the proper dimensions. 

9- Add Some Charm to Your Indoor Stairs


🛠 For Builders & Experts 

Your wooden stairs are lacking a little oomph? Here’s how to add some extra charm using patterned tile risers. Impressive, right?  

10- Create a Toilet Paper Roll Stand

🛠 For Builders & Experts

Why not? Although very convenient to have close by, seeing your toilet paper rolls isn’t the prettiest of things. This is the perfect DIY to solve this:


1- Prepare the stand. Glue or screw together three previously measured wooden boards to make the sides, and two small squares for the top and bottom. Make sure your toilet paper rolls fit inside.

2- Clean and dry the surface.

3- Spread the adhesive and lay your tiles.

4- Add the grout, then wipe the excess.

5- Here you go!

You want more? Follow our Ceramic & Wood DIY Pinterest board and don’t forget to share the results with us! We love seeing what you do. And if you have any questions, our experts in store are there to help.