What to do with mosaic tiles?

What to do with mosaic tiles?

We generally use mosaic tiles to sublimate a room. Except for the traditionnal kitchen or bathroom backsplash, we don’t necessarily know what to do with these tiny glasses or ceramic tiles. Here are some good options to inspire you!


It’s better not to neglect the appearance of your entrance because this is the first space that your guests see when they arrive. It gives an overview of the tone and the astmosphere of your house.

A good way to give charm to your vestibule is to lay a mosaic tile floor. With these tiny square, round or hexagonal pieces, do some patterns or write something inspiring!

In addition to make you smile each time you cross the door, your guests will be thrilled to notice your artistic talents!

Here’s the ceramic floor entrance of the Boutique Vestibule, created from our hexagonal mosaics! Such a beauty isn’t it!

Living room and dining room

Did you know that mosaic tiles can be highlighted in your living room or in your dining room?

In 3D for example, mosaics are perfect to give the ornament that needs your wall. These embossed mosaics give a voluminous effect, which adds a lot of character, mostly when they are highlighted by a beam of light.


For a design and contemporary bathroom, cover your complete wall or the floor with mosaic tiles!

Another decoration trend right now are geometric shapes, small or large size! That’s why mosaics are more fashionable than ever!

Many use it with parsimony fearing that the bathroom looks overloaded, but don’t hesitate to use it more generously if you like the style! Be careful though, stay in the same color palette or else it could be too busy.

Of course, we have to take into consideration the maintenance. Mosaics includes more joints than regular tiles which makes it more difficult to clean. Despite of covering the entirety of the shower, lay mosaic tiles in the background of your shower niche to add a little bit of colors and textures.


Mosaic is often used to create a backsplash, which allows to protect the wall against greasy splashes.

Instead of ending your backsplash just below the cabinets, why not covering the complete wall, which can become a beautiful decorative element of your kitchen.

Also, choose, a design mosaic tile which stands out of what we usually see. For example, go with a round or drop shape tile or even a triangular shape.

If you simply want to add a little bit of ornament or a color accent in your kitchen, create a square or a rectangular shape covering the wall part between the oven and the hood. It’s simple but really effective, besides being practical!

From now on, use mosaic tiles at your leisure! We hope we inspired you!