Scandinavian style in 5 axes

Scandinavian style in 5 axes

Scandinavian style is popular, to such an extent that it’s just an amazing blizzard of options in decorations stores! As you will have understood, this is THE current style that we all want at home. Learn in 5 axes how to give the current decor style to your interior; the Scandinavian style.

The Nordic influence

For those who might not know, here is a bit of history on the Scandinavian style. As its name mentions, this Nordic influence comes from Scandinavian countries which include Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, or northern Europe. In the 50ies, the most reputable designers from Scandinavia launched this movement to favour the functional and comfortable side of the interior design while linking the aestheticism of the natural materials and clean lines.


Natural materials are favored in the Scandinavian style. If there is only one element that can’t be missed in a Scandinavian interior, it’s surely wood! Preferably light-shaded, we insert it into the decor mainly thanks to the furniture but also thanks to the floor. Hardwood floors are therefore favored but ceramic wood imitations, like our series Axis, can fit the bill as well.

Wood furniture can be part colored. That creates a bright contrast. Choose round low tables, add wicker baskets and rattan chairs, like the one you can find on Damask Dentelle’s online shop and which is beautiful (see picture). Add a few wool and linen fabrics, fake furs on your armchairs and sofas, and you will get the perfect Scandinavian look! By the way, our series Craft can be installed in a Scandinavian decor too as its print makes think of fabric.



First, your room has to be bright. Second, white has to be the main color in your Scandinavian interior. Then you can use all of its shades and even stain your wood floor in white! But nothing prevents you from adding some touches of colors with accessories. Choose pastel colors like sky blue, pale pink, mimosa yellow or even water green. Natural colors like beiges and greys are also adequate.


Patterns are an important element of the Scandinavian design too. They are mostly geometrical, black or colored. Incorporate them into your decor thanks to carpets, cushions, blankets or accessories. You can also have patterns that make think of nature like trees or forest animals like deers.

If you love geometrical shapes and you want a Scandinavian looking kitchen, then you will love our mosaic series! They are perfect for kitchen backsplashes and will bring a very trendy Scandinavian touch.


Finally, feeling comfortable in your home is a must, whatever the style. For a Scandinavian decor, wood is the number one solution. It adds warmness, comfort and a convivial atmosphere. In addition to this, it is visually aesthetic and makes you think of nature, forests and cabins that can be found in Nordic countries. Our wood covering series Nature from the Wall Concept collection is perfect, as are our hardwood floors Préverco and Alexandra.

Planchers chauffants

Heated floors can also be an option to increase the comfort of your room. You can walk barefoot without getting cold, plus, you can make savings of 15% on your electricity bill! Finally, if you buy your heated floor and your ceramic together at La Tuilerie, you will benefit from a 10% discount on the heated floor price!

If you love these elements, then the Scandinavian style is made for you! Follow our tips, and your Nordic influences looking interior will be as comfortable as trendy!